Monday, August 22, 2011

This Towel

This Towel, what the hell is it with this towel? 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Polly dolly- Lingerie

How I miss doing my polly dollys.   Came for a visit at the right week...I loved checking out the perfect Lingerie for someones perfect body, lol...oh, how I dream to be able to wear this cutsie little scrap of fabric... cheers everyone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Foster Parents,Time will Tell.

I have been slack on my blog past few months...Things around here change a little.

Myself and hubby have completed Foster care/kinship modules and lessons..Our passes and certificates have arrived in the mail..We now have in our care a new ten year old girl..She is a great kid and settling in well...My own kids have had to adjust to a new person in family just as much as I have...I have put my hand up for limit of 3 children...We did only wanted aged 0-5..But they rang to ask if we would consider a 10 year old girl ( circumstances were good so we agreed..she attends the same school and is in my daughters class at school, so with my daughters OK, whom we thought should know her pretty well we agreed).

May be an update on this when we get deeper into the program..but so far so good....

If anyone has the time and the room in their life  to help these kids feel safe or just be able to give these kids parents time to get well knowing their kids are well looked after and safe, its very rewarding..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Polly Dolly (Pleats)

Was not happy missing putting in my Polly last week, I had it saved but not posted, so this week I have this week and last to post.

Pleats was interesting to shop for as I rarely look at pleats or even take much notice how much of it there is in shops. I found myself gazing in shop windows in town after I put together my polly...there is quite a bit for this season with pleats..and all the crochet and woolly scarves are definitely in as well...and the denim never goes out.
I like my choices this week, hope you all do too.

Pleated pants-$285- Lacey top-$88-Jacket-$280-Scarf-$120-Brim beanie- $25-Shoes-$559(I know whoe)Sunnys-$59.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happiness challenge re: seven cherubs

Thanks to Naomi for the chance to just reflect that there is always happiness every day. Sometime lots but most times small but meaningful. Just need to stop and remember the day spent and what made you happy. To everyone that took the time to share your happiness, it has been just great and amazed me how  many different ways and simple things that make us all happy..cheers everyone..

Now I need to go get my Polly Dolly done that I missed on Thursday over at 

APRIL 10th - My son Zac made a chocolate fudge cake, I had a huge helpings with my cuppa tea,
because I try not to indulge in such things, this made me very happy (must try not let the scales ruin this little bit of happiness)

APRIL 11th - Actually had to leave the house today to find a little before the day was out, so I went down road to a dear friends to see all her Bali photos, we thought we would save our pennys  for next 4 yrs and she would go again with me and hubby *smiling*, happiness right there.

APRIL 12th - Today my little piece of happiness came late in day, having a slight headache from lack of sleep, I snuck off after I got kids from school and had 20 minute Nannie nap.

APRIL 13th - Happiness started when I woke this morning, YAY..was it because Hubby's RDO and I didn't have to get dressed and do the school morning, I got to finish the book I was reading for last 3 days with my cuppa tea while hubby did a early morning load of wash..anyways HAPPY today.

APRIL 14th - Is it sad that polly dolly made me so happy today? shopped for 3 hrs.Is it a good thing that it took up that much of my day? meh, yep. I will take happiness when ever and for as long as it lasts.

APRIL 15th - Happiness comes today when school is out for a week and a bit, no lunches,uniforms,morning drills and a little sleep-in.

APRIL 16th - First taste of a Easter egg, when will chocolate not make anyone happy.

APRIL 17th - Full day of playing sims3..lots of happiness when my sim achieved lots of her goals. All the kids who played sims today got far in the game, awesomeness.

APRIL 18th -  Took kids to shop to get supplies for our Easter crafts to take with us to Townsville.

APRIL 19th -Took turns playing Sims, was happy when it was my turn!

APRIL 20th -Last night here before we leave for Easter weekend.Just happy to be going away for few days.

 APRIL 21st-  With my Kirsty and Son-inlaw for few days and made Easter cupcakes that I have been waiting to do for a month.

 APRIL 22nd- Made Easter craft with my kids

 APRIL 23rd-  spoke to my son Sam for a while on Facebook..He is amazing

APRIL 24th-  My daughter apologized to me for being very bad and ruining my easter eve and day.

APRIL 25th- Left Townsville to come home. *home sweet home*

APRIL 26th - Woke up in my own bed and had morning cuppa tea with a good friend.

APRIL 27th - Home alone. happy to have quiet day to myself.

APRIL 28th - Making a start on my atc cards.

APRIL 29th - Huge piece of crispy skin salmon and salad for lunch..Yummm.

APRIL 30th - Saturday afternoon nap..slept for 3 hrs

MAY 1st- Watched  2 chickflicks.

MAY 2nd - Last episode of biggest loser, was happy for all the contestants.

MAY 3rd - Kids all came home from school in good moods..and M'chef on tonight.

MAY 4th - Went shopping to get hubby/dad his gifts for his b'day tomorrow.

MAY 5h - cooked cookies & apple crumble for hubby tonight..yumm, thinks its been a year since we had apple crumble.

MAY 7th - did some craft and got a visit from friend for a cuppa.

MAY 8th- Mothers Day..what mother wouldn't be happy with all the spoiling..thankyou kiddies : )

MAY 9th - Hubby RDO..chilly morning and a sleep in on Monday morning..happy bliss.

MAY 10th- Went to visit 82 year old in hospital after she suffered a stroke..was very happy to see her walking about and looking forward to going home...Happy 2 hrs making her happy.



Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

Wants a gift? Not really, well not like the million niknaks I have scattered everywhere. I'm over these little bits that have dust surrounding them. Clothes, nope! have too many that my fat ass can not fit into and damned if I'm going to get more  at this size..hmmm brings me to a gift I'd like. I suppose lipo suction is out?  I'm guessing a voucher to sizzler or hogbreath is on tho..They all know I love to eat!

What about a boob lift...God knows I need that after breast feeding the 8  little rugrats for first 12 months or more of their life. If not, how about another bra with the best wire one can buy to hopefully hold them above my bellybutton for another year.
what the? only flesh to be removed here!
What I treasure most, are those special crafty things they do at school the week before.
And the hot cuppa tea in bed with toast  or pancakes with butter just in the middle.
A lazy day watching chickficks and doing nothing at all. (which is always still there Monday for me to do *sigh*)
But what ever I get, I'm not that fussy, Just to be loved and appreciated for what I do or have done is gift enough.
below is a couple treasured mothers day gifts  that are not in a box or cupboard somewhere.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buying cigarettes!!!! How Embarassing!!!

Today I thought I had worked up enough courage to approach the cigarette counter to buy  a packet..LMAO , I was thinking its ok, I could just say they are for a friend or I could just tell her that  I'm using them on a craft project, but I know  they would be thinking yeah right! you disgusting lady. I looked around like a naughty school kid, saw a mum that kids attend same school as mine and other lady behind counter was an acquaintance through another friend.. The assistant asked me if I was right, I just couldn't ask for the cigaretts so ask for phone credit instead..Drove to a friends for coffee and told her that I really need 12 cigarettes for my next atc card, she said she would get them for me. Later in the day I had to go to BWS to get my hubby something for his birthday...ok, foodstore next door, I will try for the cigarettes again if the shop was not full of customers..I had my 14 yr old  son with me this time..and after asking her for the cheapest and packet that had the least in it... Then because I wanted a certain look, I had to ask her if this brand had the brownish tip on the end, by this time she was smiling and looked like she wanted to laugh. I just had to tell we were not going to smoke them and wanted them for a craft project..she said "ah right"  bloody hell, I knew that saying that would not be  I walked out feeling like a damn smoker..I threw them in my sons hand and told him to hide these in your pocket as we had to go to butcher shop.*** below is atc I'm making with the dirty cigs****

Polly Dolly (Graphic T)

Graphic t/shirt

Polly dolly this week I wanted to stay casual and since our weather has cooled but not cold..its a good chance to wear those little knitted or light jackets.
Loved this t'shirt with the tiniest splash of burnt orange inspired me to hit the shops to find the perfect scarf or light coat..because I had a hard time deciding after I found 2 I liked, I splashed out and got both.and now can wear whichever grabs my fancy that day. when I found this cutesy little hat it was time to bring in the shoes....hmmmmmm so dreamy and now so ready to meet a couple of special friends for an awesome top of the range coffee....Meet ya there!!!   

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Polly Dolly/ wedding guest

Wedding Guest

I just love the romantic colours of red and black..This dress does it for me.

Shoes always take me the longest to pick out (even when I'm buying thongs/flipflops)These shoes are the ones I kept going back to..must be the ones.

Earrings had to be drop, choker, I feel suits these dresses,

Head band was a must from my nieces handmade collection, find her gorgeous stuff here.

Clutch or gold chained...what can I say wish I had this in my it!!

Camera is a take lots of photos of yourself, lol. lets face it, how often do we get a chance to dress up and look this damn good?

Present. Just love to shop for the best wrapping and spend lots of time making sure it looks the best on the gift table.hehe

Now the DATE, if yours don't look the best...go all out and rent one! This is my dream date. OH and don't forget to get lots of photos of yourself with him..

Friday, April 22, 2011

What do you do for Easter?

Today we all went to movies to see hop..I loved it because all the questions the kids ever asked me were answered,why didn't they make this move 20 years ago? My youngest kids Lacey and Jaycob know now where Easter-bunny lives and how all the eggs get made. I loved the movie and will defs be making the smurf movie my next screening..looks fab especially when I grew up with the smurfs and collected all the little fellows from the BP each time we got fuel.

Then when we got home we finished of our paper machete egg and made little foam eggs..

Kirsty made some chocolate noodle nests very yummmmy 


Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the road again.

Early morning departures are best..for kids anyway, not so kind to driver..Left at 1am after driver (hubby) had a few hours sleep. Got to Kirsty's at 9am. Kids were great all slept most of the way..Early bed for us all tonight.. Summer had a big sleep at lunch time to catch up on a bit..

Always a big week-end to cram as much as we can into the time we have together. started with a trip to shops to see what Easter bunny had on display this year. Got our supplies for what we needed to make our Easter cupcakes...They looked just so special and we all loved them and tasted damn good too with hot cuppa tea..

Then we made a huge paper machete Easter egg to hang up..its will be finished off tomorrow when it drys. Started bad as we had one layer of paper with flour glue on and the balloon burst and all 5 of us was covered in paper and flour glue..We made a huge mess on BBQ table..all good in end tho, will be fun decorating it tomorrow.

We have more goodies to make tomorrow again....... cheers

Friday, April 15, 2011

Family time : )

Do the professions have it right? Does computers stop family from spending time together? Maybe so in some families..I also don't like kids in bedrooms with computers all the time.

Young people can become socially isolated if they're sitting for hours and hours and don't get to interact. This in any case is true if the kids are left alone and not encouraged to talk about and show you what they are doing or have learnt/found on the net..
I might be just wrong here. I love the net. I have got many friends I talk to online. I am fussy who I interact with.Only takes a comment or a word and I can delete them as quick as I can say hello to them..That's the choices we have.

My sister and family and 2 of my children live 8hrs drive and more away..I don't think I would cope in the old the days with no Internet..they are just a click away..I see and interact with them every day, get to see pictures they take and read little messages every day to what they did that day, how they are feeling. They must feel secure knowing I am here just a button away and will reply to a question or message in less than a day.

Where my teens are concerned with facebook and other social networks. I'm constantly making sure they know the people they talk to and added are family or friends of family they know and age acceptable.With the kids living with me, I have access to their passwords  and have the right, they know I will disconnect them if they show disrespect for me or the net.

We love to have our dinner in front of the tv and watch a show we all like and can enjoy together. We fight we laugh we talk about shows we watch..Some families watch tv in separate rooms. I don't know, but some how , maybe because they were bought up young watching the programs I like, my kids also like them shows now and watch as well.

 I can honestly say we spend a lot of time on the computers, we also know how important it is to play outside, we have many afternoons playing cricket, soccer and washing cars and mucking around in yard and love the  family BBQ as much as the Norms and Ducans do.


 Do the professionals base their views of the Internet as a content medium, rather than a communications medium. This is still the way the entertainment industry views the Internet, but it's not the way most people actually use it. Email, instant messaging, writing blogs, writing in forums, etc., are all means of communicating -- and they get the most use online. Passive content consumption is a small part of what makes the Internet what it is -- so why do people keep making proposals based on the idea that this is all people do online?

Our family is very social  when on computers and laptops. We all enjoy the Sims game, watching and taking an interest in each others houses and families they create. The  kids all get involved in football with their dad and have these weird fantasy teams they talk about and spend hrs discussing players and points and shit  (lol).
Facebook is another thing we discuss a lot, showing each other family and friends photos that we may have  or not have on our own walls..We look at comments and  all have a comment about the comments with out putting up a comments most times...( good sentence there Now if the teens have something they don't want me to see or know I won't be impressed they better delete it while they got  chance and before I see it.. and the ones that I do get to see they always have  something written along the lines that this comment or post wont be on wall long when Mum sees it. (sneaky little brats)

Anyways enough said.. maybe I'm the strange one here, but we love our computers and laptops muchly..not to say we don't do everything else others say is a better option..Now my kids know all the card and board games that we drag out and play probably more than the so called  *best family* does..All my kids know their poker hands and  can pile or lose card chip like a pro.

Tonight was a special Sims night because Summer (grand daughter 15mths) can now be apart of the fun and join in with her very own laptop. And her laptop is very educational with letters, her name, numbers, fruit and animals which all can be easily changed as she gets older.

What do you your family a weird , wonderful one like mine?



Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Polly Dolly Bride

This week was a fun Polly Dolly theme which I had to be in..I have only been following Polly for 2 with this week being bride I had to jump in..Its a lot of fun, brings you back to playing barbies or cardboard cut out dolls or even the later (sims)..
If you want to play along each week pop over to Danimezza's blog here and check out every ones no limit credit card spend on a dream wedding outfit and accessories..have fun, I did.

 I searched for a dress for hrs..and still came back to my daughters dress it was just stunning and romantic,softest lace and gold embroidery (have to touch it to feel its beauty) The perfume- first thing when I go up town, head to the closest chemist and use the testers, so I smell good all day (lol, I know sneaky hey,but the price is rediculess) wine-browns brothers  is way to go, love it! All the rest I found shopping for hrs on line and maxing out my credit card ( so good not to have to look at the price, just love it and buy it,  way to go me!!)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

week-end that was

Most times my weekend are just like every other day, just more people here through day to make a bigger mess for me to deal with Monday morning, unless I get the cleanup bug as I make my way around the house to turn off and cover up the bodies already asleep, some nights it takes me and hr to walk to my bed via the mess...but  love it when I wake in morning and don't have to face it along with the school morning.

Saturday...dulldrums was broken with  a morning at a baby-shower. The games were the good old favs, guess the choc in nappy, guess the length of string that goes around the big-bubba-tummy (won by Emily my daughter), don't say 'baby' collection game...I took along a plate (not because we had to, but because I could not wait to host a baby-shower to make these)

chocolate cookies,condense milk balls dipped in white chocolate(changed blue) BIG HIT!
(made and prep'd Friday night)

Sleep-in Sunday was great, then spent day on pc with facebook and twits, helped daughter#2 with getting a virus protection and sims3 onto her new laptop (which was made difficult for both because her little gem wanted to play with her laptop as well (luckily Nannie kept that old laptop that was living in the mess cupboard for bits and bops) then I uninstalled and reinstalled the sims3 on kids pc while the kids and Granddaughter trashed the house with toys and crumbs.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mum! "I'm not in grade 1"


When is my last child not my baby? Last child or not they are all my babies and all way will be.
Getting kids ready for school and about to go out to car, I was asking my last baby did he have  his school-bag, lunch, homework .... he yells at me telling me "mum, I'm not in grade 1" ok ok *giggling*( he is in grade 2) off we go..get all way to school and guess what? NO hat! Mum can you bring back my hat? HA! "nope, your not in grade 1, are you?" looks like its shed play for that baby today.
Driving home thinking, am I being harsh? hmmmmm Nope, I'm teaching.
Having a coffee at pc going through photos for my what was going to be my next blog. GeeWizz, so many photos of my  babies on file. What a good chance to remember my last baby is growing up and growing up fast.


Kirsty trying to convince Jaycob her cooking is good.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bra's are handy!! I recon.

Where do I start? today (after chores of course) I was visiting favourite bloggers, came across this Daddy blog. before going to this blog read on please.

NOW this got me thinking and along with laughing.......I am a culprit of this. I also think this was past on to me, for I remember from an early age this is where my grandma and mother got  a tissue from to wipe a tear or my messy face. Lots of times a $1 note magically appeared from here on trips to the shop or markets for an ice cream or treat for us grandchildren/children..was  before the day of practical mobile phones, now that would have been rediculess with this stuck in your bra.

So, for me this has always seemed a handy place for these 3 items that we should never leave home without when you have children...even around the house while washing, ironing and cleaning and peeling vegies these things are good to keep close..I ask these mere males how odd would it look or difficult would it be if we did these chores with our handbags attached to us? hmmmmmm.. now we could all clip on a (bumbag) but I have never came across one of these that could even go close to looking good out or at home, if they did we would not need to buy those expensive fashion items  for every outfit called handbags, even if the makers did try hard to make them a fashion thing.I think not!!    

So i'm for all those mums that have sooooo  many jobs to do at same time..If this trend does not worry or upset you or the ones that love you, feel free to keep useful items in your bra/handy-holder.

Honey, have you seen my phone?
NOW for all you men with a SHED, when was a cold beer  a TOOL for the shed??...I for one am sure that in most aussie sheds you will find a fridge full of these!!

In case my comment did not make publication its here's what I said.

Penny says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

April 4, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Well here I am, come arrest me..I think the bra is so very handy at all you just made me realize my bra IS my handbag. LOL.because us mums are very good multi-tasking, we don't always need our hand bag, but are sure to need our two hands, a phone,a tissue/hankie and a $5/10 note comes in handy many times all of which I carry in my bra most days. I think this is a great post and now think I will blog it myself ..hope you don't mind…now I want to know something from you, since when is a nice cold beer a tool? I would not be wrong in saying in most aussie sheds you will find a fridge full of these, will I not? cheers!!