Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mum! "I'm not in grade 1"


When is my last child not my baby? Last child or not they are all my babies and all way will be.
Getting kids ready for school and about to go out to car, I was asking my last baby did he have  his school-bag, lunch, homework .... he yells at me telling me "mum, I'm not in grade 1" ok ok *giggling*( he is in grade 2) off we go..get all way to school and guess what? NO hat! Mum can you bring back my hat? HA! "nope, your not in grade 1, are you?" looks like its shed play for that baby today.
Driving home thinking, am I being harsh? hmmmmm Nope, I'm teaching.
Having a coffee at pc going through photos for my what was going to be my next blog. GeeWizz, so many photos of my  babies on file. What a good chance to remember my last baby is growing up and growing up fast.


Kirsty trying to convince Jaycob her cooking is good.


Nightowl said...

OH my how fast your last baby is growing...and I agree he'll always be your last baby, even if he's in grade 2. Great story. *Laughs*

Girl in Baggy Greens said...

My cooking is fabulous!
I love those photos.

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