Friday, April 22, 2011

What do you do for Easter?

Today we all went to movies to see hop..I loved it because all the questions the kids ever asked me were answered,why didn't they make this move 20 years ago? My youngest kids Lacey and Jaycob know now where Easter-bunny lives and how all the eggs get made. I loved the movie and will defs be making the smurf movie my next screening..looks fab especially when I grew up with the smurfs and collected all the little fellows from the BP each time we got fuel.

Then when we got home we finished of our paper machete egg and made little foam eggs..

Kirsty made some chocolate noodle nests very yummmmy 



Naomi said...

This looks like great fun! I so love the Easter nests - yummo and I am glad you enjoyed the movie. I am still working out if we are going to see it or not. The smurfs - now that brings back memories :) Hope you have a great Easter weekend. Naomi x

CraftinGranny said...

Oh what fun! Those treats look sooooo good! If you get time would you please send me your recipe? Thanks for stopping by and the sweet and kind comment. Have a Blessed Easter! "Hugs" Carol

Kim H said...

What lovely things you did for Easter. Those choccy nests are yummy. We did them last year.

Kymmie said...

Happy Easter! Those easter nests look lovely, and I must get those movies when they come out on DVD. I collected smurfs too ;)


Nightowl said...

The paper machete Easter egg look super, I'm sure that the whole family had fun gluing and pasting all the pretty papers onto the outside. Summer sure thinks that it's something that she should have in her hot little hands. The chocolate nests look yummy. The kids did a wonderful job of making their easter eggs that are hanging on the wall. Great job of the modelling Zac.

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