Monday, April 4, 2011

Bra's are handy!! I recon.

Where do I start? today (after chores of course) I was visiting favourite bloggers, came across this Daddy blog. before going to this blog read on please.

NOW this got me thinking and along with laughing.......I am a culprit of this. I also think this was past on to me, for I remember from an early age this is where my grandma and mother got  a tissue from to wipe a tear or my messy face. Lots of times a $1 note magically appeared from here on trips to the shop or markets for an ice cream or treat for us grandchildren/children..was  before the day of practical mobile phones, now that would have been rediculess with this stuck in your bra.

So, for me this has always seemed a handy place for these 3 items that we should never leave home without when you have children...even around the house while washing, ironing and cleaning and peeling vegies these things are good to keep close..I ask these mere males how odd would it look or difficult would it be if we did these chores with our handbags attached to us? hmmmmmm.. now we could all clip on a (bumbag) but I have never came across one of these that could even go close to looking good out or at home, if they did we would not need to buy those expensive fashion items  for every outfit called handbags, even if the makers did try hard to make them a fashion thing.I think not!!    

So i'm for all those mums that have sooooo  many jobs to do at same time..If this trend does not worry or upset you or the ones that love you, feel free to keep useful items in your bra/handy-holder.

Honey, have you seen my phone?
NOW for all you men with a SHED, when was a cold beer  a TOOL for the shed??...I for one am sure that in most aussie sheds you will find a fridge full of these!!

In case my comment did not make publication its here's what I said.

Penny says:

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April 4, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Well here I am, come arrest me..I think the bra is so very handy at all you just made me realize my bra IS my handbag. LOL.because us mums are very good multi-tasking, we don't always need our hand bag, but are sure to need our two hands, a phone,a tissue/hankie and a $5/10 note comes in handy many times all of which I carry in my bra most days. I think this is a great post and now think I will blog it myself ..hope you don't mind…now I want to know something from you, since when is a nice cold beer a tool? I would not be wrong in saying in most aussie sheds you will find a fridge full of these, will I not? cheers!!


Kellie said...

This is classic! And my nan used to pull her hanky out of her bra too! Glad you got a giggle from hubby's post! :)

Parental Parody said...

Hilarious! I'm 100% with you. The man shed is full of useful tools like beer fridges and televisions that are permanently tuned in to footy. Must be the theme of the week - I wrote a post on my bra as a storage device the other week, and it's due to post tomorrow. In my case, it's the kids using it, not me.

My Name is Dorothy and I live in Oz said...

I think I need to get a shed! Somehow have never felt the urge to store in things in my bra, may have to investigate that...

Nightowl said...

best pockets ever!! I'll pass on the beer fridge also. *Hugs*

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