Sunday, April 10, 2011

week-end that was

Most times my weekend are just like every other day, just more people here through day to make a bigger mess for me to deal with Monday morning, unless I get the cleanup bug as I make my way around the house to turn off and cover up the bodies already asleep, some nights it takes me and hr to walk to my bed via the mess...but  love it when I wake in morning and don't have to face it along with the school morning.

Saturday...dulldrums was broken with  a morning at a baby-shower. The games were the good old favs, guess the choc in nappy, guess the length of string that goes around the big-bubba-tummy (won by Emily my daughter), don't say 'baby' collection game...I took along a plate (not because we had to, but because I could not wait to host a baby-shower to make these)

chocolate cookies,condense milk balls dipped in white chocolate(changed blue) BIG HIT!
(made and prep'd Friday night)

Sleep-in Sunday was great, then spent day on pc with facebook and twits, helped daughter#2 with getting a virus protection and sims3 onto her new laptop (which was made difficult for both because her little gem wanted to play with her laptop as well (luckily Nannie kept that old laptop that was living in the mess cupboard for bits and bops) then I uninstalled and reinstalled the sims3 on kids pc while the kids and Granddaughter trashed the house with toys and crumbs.


Nightowl said...

Just close your eyes sis and make your way to your bedroom at night time...feel your way along the wall and if you stumble over obsticals, just kick them to the other side and keep on moving forward. I'm use this would be quicker that an hour.
Your little tiny teddies in their sugar coated bathing rings, LOOK good enough to eat. *Laughs* I'm sure you will get a chance soon to make them again.
How cute is little Summer getting and she looks like if she just pushes this button it's all going to work just fine. Little miss computer chick in the making. Lucky you had an old laptop for her to call her own. Can't start them too young.

CraftinGranny said...

Great family blog Penny. Thanks so much for stopping by and the kind comment. Looks like you all have a lot of fun and family time. "Hugs" Carol

Girl in Baggy Greens said...

LMAO! You stuck some wrapping paper onto the screen to fool her. That is genius.
My Kitchen Rules grand final tonight!!!!!

katef said...

oh those cookie ball things look ace! Did you use something special to turn the chocolate so blue?

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