Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Polly Dolly Bride

This week was a fun Polly Dolly theme which I had to be in..I have only been following Polly for 2 with this week being bride I had to jump in..Its a lot of fun, brings you back to playing barbies or cardboard cut out dolls or even the later (sims)..
If you want to play along each week pop over to Danimezza's blog here and check out every ones no limit credit card spend on a dream wedding outfit and accessories..have fun, I did.

 I searched for a dress for hrs..and still came back to my daughters dress it was just stunning and romantic,softest lace and gold embroidery (have to touch it to feel its beauty) The perfume- first thing when I go up town, head to the closest chemist and use the testers, so I smell good all day (lol, I know sneaky hey,but the price is rediculess) wine-browns brothers  is way to go, love it! All the rest I found shopping for hrs on line and maxing out my credit card ( so good not to have to look at the price, just love it and buy it,  way to go me!!)


Thea said...

Divine! The dress, the shoes, the bag....totally gorgeous.

Talitha said...

Very pretty dress, I love the tiered look! Your daughter looks so pretty in it.

I also read in your profile you have 8 children! I thought my mum with 7 of us kids was enough :) hehe.

Ames said...

I love it. That dress, those shoes and that bag are beautiful!

Melissa *Suger Coat It* said...

It's so lovely. And how special that you shared your daughters dress. Love those gold shoes too.

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