Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buying cigarettes!!!! How Embarassing!!!

Today I thought I had worked up enough courage to approach the cigarette counter to buy  a packet..LMAO , I was thinking its ok, I could just say they are for a friend or I could just tell her that  I'm using them on a craft project, but I know  they would be thinking yeah right! you disgusting lady. I looked around like a naughty school kid, saw a mum that kids attend same school as mine and other lady behind counter was an acquaintance through another friend.. The assistant asked me if I was right, I just couldn't ask for the cigaretts so ask for phone credit instead..Drove to a friends for coffee and told her that I really need 12 cigarettes for my next atc card, she said she would get them for me. Later in the day I had to go to BWS to get my hubby something for his birthday...ok, foodstore next door, I will try for the cigarettes again if the shop was not full of customers..I had my 14 yr old  son with me this time..and after asking her for the cheapest and packet that had the least in it... Then because I wanted a certain look, I had to ask her if this brand had the brownish tip on the end, by this time she was smiling and looked like she wanted to laugh. I just had to tell we were not going to smoke them and wanted them for a craft project..she said "ah right"  bloody hell, I knew that saying that would not be  I walked out feeling like a damn smoker..I threw them in my sons hand and told him to hide these in your pocket as we had to go to butcher shop.*** below is atc I'm making with the dirty cigs****


Nightowl said...

Sad sis that you thought they would think you were a smoker. You should have just said your were buying them for your son. The atc would have looked just as good with a picture like the one above.

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