Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 first blog

Christmas was awesome this year. (I did not spend hrs in the hot kitchen cooking and cleaning) All 11 of us booked into Sizzlers for lunch. Easy-peasy dinner, as we were heading off to the Gold coast for 10 days in the early am. We all went to Dreamworld 5 times (yes 5) we all had 21 day passes that we didnt want to waste. and we shopped and shopped. New year we drove to Paradise point to see the fireworks...That took all of an hour. Then us oldies took on babysitting so the young adults could go out to do what they do.

                                                      2 bad quality phone pics taken x/eve

Kids second week back at school (all six of them) Tom on his last year (yay for him and us) Zac year 11(we didn't think that would happen) Lacey year 6 (oh my! secondary creeping up) Jaycob year 3( still our baby tho) Our 2 foster kids sitting in year 3 and 6 (not mixing it up at all)

Fostering part of my life has kept me busy (specially my mind) with trips to the in school and out of school counselors ("ones with brains" and "an education") full of advice with the things they don't deal with or see on a daily basis, leave it there before my head starts to hurt.
Monday phone call from department of child safty asking if we would take 3 siblings for 15 days while their carer was going away for a break. Took 2 days to ponder over this (why should we?why shouldn't we? I don't know how we came up with we should. (crazy I say) Anyways 9 kids for 15 days can not be too bad, they are at school for 6 hrs of 10 of these days

What to do with this spare time in my day was easy to fill....just had to get back here and see what all my fav bloggers have been doing since late far I have crept through these favs of mine

Heading here  now till the wash is finished ,then I might or might not do some housework