Wednesday, July 21, 2010

too long between posts this time

Hi bloggers, I have been busy last 2 weeks. grabing time in between other things this month to do my atc's. I didnt actully make the post to get them to GC in time for the meet. It worked out better in the end as we had a 60th B'day to attend in Bundaberg, and how crazy would it be to turn around and come home before driving the meezly 4 extra hrs to the GC to hand deliver my atc's and see my Sis and her family for 2 nights at least. It was good to see all the ladies again and meet a couple of new ladies. Tues morn we packed up car with hubby and 4 my kiddies and 1 grandbubba. Usually Hubby drives the distants, but this time he had a shoulder prob and couldnt drive. Thank goodness my Emily can drive. I got very tired half way home and she took over while I had a short nap in back next to bubba summer. We did all happen to get the 24hr bug from Lyns family. Thankfully we borrowed Lyns red bucket, it came in very handy.we stopped twice to empty it. Summer made it to childers before she had her actually made the trip a good quiet one the kids were quiet inbetween belching.
Below is pics of my last 3 atc's.

This month I must get busy and finish the bombonieres and get everyones outfits for Kirsty and Blakes big day. I will try my best to come up with 2 atc's as well.  Hugs all..

Friday, July 2, 2010

Surprize for me.

I was at my pc Bloggiing some comments when my six year old son said from the kitchen "Kirsty was here" I said dont be silly its a thursday and she working. Then he said, she is mum and Blake here too.  Wow! tears welled, as they do every time she comes home.I know, I'm a born sook. Anyways she had with her my birthday present, she always knows just what I need and want, she must have been listening and taking notice of my likes and needs most of the time. Below is my gift and card she made me from her little bits she has in her house. Lastnight I couldn't sleep, was waiting to for morning to see if their faces were still here.So we going to spent 3 quality days together, Awsome!! Hugs all