Saturday, May 29, 2010

quiet day here

Hey bloggers
I spent the whole day doing atc cards, should be finished by tomorrow night if I have nothing to do again tomorrow. I damn need to get out of this town soon, its driving me crazy.So quiet here, Matts in brisbane, he went to see a horse run. Sam left for brisy this morn for his last block at tafe, he will be fully trained this october. He just met this nice girl last weekend too (Jade) she is a lot of fun and outgoing. she doing bussiness at uni, then going to go jillarooing for couple years, she says. She is from Miles, so i'm guessing she off the land.Tom and Zac at sleepovers, Lacey next door,Jaycob asleep in lounge, Emily and Summmer asleep, they had a big day at netball comp all day.I forgot it was on, I would have gone and watched.Dads in bed asleep, since i'm still recovering from a flu I will join him and see whats on the box to put me to sleep.Hugs blogger family. Oh and I made my sis a b'day card to post of on monday.

What the hell going on

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Sunday to remember

Hi family bloggers...Sunday was big for Lacey. She made her confirmation. Her new name is Lacey Sarah Raphael Roots. Kirsty took her shopping Saturday for new outfit and Emily was her sponsor on Sunday.
pic below.  Last night Em and I went to a scrap demo, started at 7pm, we had to do some stitching pattern, well after an 1 hr stitching Em was over doing  a double layout and changed to a single, lol. after 3 1/2 hrs we had enough cutting and chatting and packed up our bits to finish it another day. Booked in for the 22 June for a demo on distressing paper layout.  I am going back Friday for a quilling demo, to I think make some roses on a trellis. And tonight I have Summer while her Mummy went to a origin night with friends. She sound asleep now but earlier was considering growing a tooth right then and now.  I convinced her to leave it for few days and get some ...hugs all..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

love our flannies

.Hi family bloggers!!  Yesterday I went out to get anyone who needed or wanted new flannies.  The shops always come out with the cutest and radest flannies every year. Below is some pics taken today.

Monday, May 17, 2010

what I did today

I tried my hand at quilling today....this is what i got done in 5 hrs..I loved it..I'm going to quilling class on friday morns when I dont have isy to look after. so here it is.

layout finished


Hi family bloggers and future bloggers, I have finished my double LO for Summers scrap book. My may atc has been sent off to Gold Coast and ready to start my june atcs, whats the theme this time? hugs!

may atc

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

funny face

Hi family bloggers,  wanted to show you these 2 pics of summer. Everyone here gets a good laugh when they walk past and see it on my desktop. We all have came up with some good idea as to what she might be seeing or thinking. Got first page of my first double layout done, dunno how you 2(lyn and Lys) make yours look so good. I get a headache.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


As I am new at blogging and scrapping all candy is good, BUT yours is super sweet !!
You can see the candy up for grabs and the FAB work here
My favorite is the carousel, its so pretty,every little girl loves them.

Friday, May 7, 2010

scrap page to share

Hi Family bloggers and other bloggers, thought I would share my first scrap page.  Its not the one i'm waiting to do, but a quick one with no material except paper and tape. hugs

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

meet my family

Hi Bloggers, thought I would share pic's of my family. I still have 6 children at home. Kirsty and Blake are both in the army and living in Townsville. Emily and Summer live together and have sleep overs often, so we get to see them lots. Kirsty will be home in 2 weeks. Yay! will have all my chickens home for few days. Can't wait!

Me and Greg                                Matt

Kirsty and Blake (son inlaw,sept)                     Sam

 Emily and Summer                Tom

     Zac                                                                          Lacey

Jaycob                                  Grandaughter Summer, again

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First post

Hi Bloggers, While my sister and niece were here for my husbands 50th B'day party, they talked me into starting a blog. So here we are blogging to whoever wants to read this. I would like to thank all that came to my hubbys party, he had a great time. Glad that the weekend is over as I think that we are all BBQ'd out as every meal was cooked on his 'New Beaut BBQ. I slept for 5 hrs yesterday cuddled up with Isabella (family friends one year old that I looked after for day) We snuggled up in a way to cold aircon'd room and slept through 3 movies my son Matt was watching. This week I will start my May atc cards and make a start on my daughter bombonaires for her wedding in september. hugs!

Below is pictures of my atc's I have made so far.