Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ems new LO finished

Hey bloggers, Its my B'day today. Hope to lay around and watch bit tv with some washing getting done inbetween.
With the LO, Em brang around the great pics and said this is it she going to do a page like lynnie with different cardboards and shit all over the page with paint and lots different stuff. I ended up getting involved as I do.  So I did 1 half and Em did other..we got Summer and covered her face up to stop her being a paint sniffer.

 Painted the background with her hands and feet. Then Zac said he could draw a duck and did such a good job Em and I both wanted it on our half so we had to end up cutting it in half to be fair, lol. got the page done and Em stood back and said its so shit we will never be able ot do a page like lyn and allyssa and should give up trying to do a perfect page, was so damn  funny. we did have  heaps of fun trying tho.we both want to know what half yous like so make sure you comment to let us know. Still waiting for my atc's to arrive. Hope they come soon. hint hint! huggers all.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New LO's

Hey family, I almost got all the roses done for Kirsty's Bomboneieres, 20 to go. Zac painted the noodle boxes red with gold glitter, they look great. This is what they look like so far.  Got few charms and bits to go on, but will leave the finished product for a surprize for the big day.

OK now for the layouts Em and I did lastnight a scrapbooking gathering. We used distressing inks. to make some disstressed paper..I like Ems layout this  month, hers is the red page. Mine is  the yellow page.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

follow rthis little blogger

Hey Family and friend bloggers. Lacey wanted a blog to show you stuff she does and wants to tell you..

I am very busy making 150 paper roses for kirsty bombonieres today. Hugs all

Friday, June 18, 2010


I know, right?  they just gorgeous!  I told you they easy, if they were hard, do you think I would have tried? Now because they are so gorgeous I'm going to be adding them to Kirsty's Bombonieres.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I did this today

Hi bloggers, I had quiet day with Isy today. She even did a bit of art today,although I really love her pictures I will have to wash this off  :(  

And while she was sleeping I watched a tutorial on making paper roses.I just had to make some, SO easy!! 
I know before you say they are great, I know, I think they are too  .  Hugs!! miss ya's

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

something to look at.

Hi blog family, I know Its been a while. I couldn't wait for the next month to make an atc, so I made a free set for next month with left over pics I printed wrong size.

 I have also sent off my 80's atc to Angie .

I saw a tutorial on doing quarter fold flowers, so I had a go,pics below.

Golllygosh thought I was over with toilet training, but here we are again with little Isy that I take care of for her mum couple days a week. Her face says so many things right there. She can say wee n poo, now just have to get her to realize that's where everyone else does

Its been pretty cold here last few day. I been having early shower and finding stuff on tv to try to entertain me, its not doing a good job, crap on every channel.
Couple pics of our little Summer that I snapped this week.  Huggers!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new Layout

Hi blogs, Here is my Layout finished, took forever to make up my mind how to finish this as the stitching I did at a class last Thursday and I didn't know what to put with it. Had some felt in my box of bits, so I did some felt embellishments for it. The blue flower, I rounded the petals after I took pic's looks a tad better. I need to look at some videos on youtube to see how to make some better flowers as there is some very pretty felt flower images. I think I like it, I will wait for some positive comments here today, so I'm going to make a hot Milo to warm me from the inside out.  Hugs all, have a great day.