Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

Wants a gift? Not really, well not like the million niknaks I have scattered everywhere. I'm over these little bits that have dust surrounding them. Clothes, nope! have too many that my fat ass can not fit into and damned if I'm going to get more  at this size..hmmm brings me to a gift I'd like. I suppose lipo suction is out?  I'm guessing a voucher to sizzler or hogbreath is on tho..They all know I love to eat!

What about a boob lift...God knows I need that after breast feeding the 8  little rugrats for first 12 months or more of their life. If not, how about another bra with the best wire one can buy to hopefully hold them above my bellybutton for another year.
what the? only flesh to be removed here!
What I treasure most, are those special crafty things they do at school the week before.
And the hot cuppa tea in bed with toast  or pancakes with butter just in the middle.
A lazy day watching chickficks and doing nothing at all. (which is always still there Monday for me to do *sigh*)
But what ever I get, I'm not that fussy, Just to be loved and appreciated for what I do or have done is gift enough.
below is a couple treasured mothers day gifts  that are not in a box or cupboard somewhere.


xOx Sup xOx said...

Happy mother's day to you, hope your family spoil you =).

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