Wednesday, March 30, 2011

school morning routines I love

School days routine I love, school holidays routine not so loved.

My school days have always run practically the same for 20 years. (OMG youngest is in year 2...10 years of school days to go) Up no later than 7.30 ( but most days  7am) By this time I would expect to see the primary school kids breakfast done and nearly dressed. When I had 6 to get to school the big kids helped the little kids get this done. I have been lucky enough to have my hubby home for 2 school days a week on a changing roster..

The days I have the school mornings, I finish off their lunches while they collect homework hats and whatever they need that day...The primary kids like to get to school and play before the if they can be seat belted  in car by 8am I will take them and come back to do the high schoolers..if not we yell and scream for them to please hurry and get in car so we all are not late..most days this happens.On my way to the car I take down and put on a load of wash.The school run is a round half hr drive...couple times a week call in to get couple groceries, when I get home I hang out the late afternoon load from previous day, by that time the fresh morning load is finished for me to hang, another load goes on. Then upstairs I go, and big rule is never turn on pc or start crafting till dishes and  living areas tidied, wiped, swept and mopped if needed, toilet and bathroom basin is usually  cleaned and wiped over on one of my visits there through the day,lol. Rest of the day is mine which usually is from 10/11ish am. Even with babies and littlies this was still the routine just couple other things in there to do, baths, feeds and nappy changes. when the kids were 3ish they spent 2 days a week at daycare gave them a chance to craft and paint and play with others their own age, they all loved their daycare days and so did I. Lunch- if I want lunch it is eaten watching what ever is on  tv at midday/ish. Twice a week lunch is at a friends house who I visit weekly (or try to). I leave the visitors at school pickup time. 
If  I ever have to go out or downstairs I will always take a load of wash to put on before I get in car, even if I have to go find some from the kids rooms..if there is not a collection of clean or dirty clothes on the floor to wash, I will drag off some sheets and wash them. always something to wash.
On my return school run, wash is hung out and drys brought up and dumped on lounge. then every couple of days while sitting near the pile I will sort them into groups for the owners to take to their rooms and put away ( I gave up folding a few years ago  because I would go to the rooms and the clothes were just thrown and shoved in one draw or basket) Afternoons always  busy with sports practice trips, afternoon snacks, dinner, dishes, shower's, homeworks, bed times. phew 8.30 pm.. me time again till I have to go to bed before I crash on the desk.

 Hubbys days off I get to clean house and iron and do extra little chores(dust, unclutter,change sheets etc.) while he is doing school routine.

Oh and school holidays..way different story!! crazy, noisy, fun days with never a dull moment.

I'm glad I got to do this photo's were sorted and tidied again...went to bed at 2.30am with scanning still not finish till now.


WhisperingWriter said...

Love these photos.

We're up by 7 on school days. Blahh. I am not a morning person.

Girl in Baggy Greens said...

Awesome post mum. I will scan my school pics and send them to you. (except my grade 9 one, that shit is just embarrassing.)

Nightowl said...

I really don't know how you did / do it. I never had to do the school routine thing or at least not to the extreme that you do. I guess it goes along with my own children just dragging themselves up. Great post sis and I'm sure that you embarrassed your children with by posting their school photos (what are mum's for). *Giggles*

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