Thursday, March 24, 2011

I want a sculpture.

Ok..just sitting here and thinking and just realised you can not even count 27 on all your fingers and toes...does that mean we been together seven years too long? I think not, since a anniversary can only happen when there is two, phew! with the joining of both our fingers and toes we have a good 13 year left before we might lose count.

27th anniversary: Sculpture

This anniversary gives you a great opportunity to buy a lovely sculpture - either for inside your home or for your garden. You might even decide to take a class and make something yourself!

An anniversary is a time of reflection of the event that was experienced. It is healthy and natural to remember an event on the anniversary of the day it occurred. Moments of joy should be celebrated with joy. The same goes for sad occasions. These should not be ignored. Anniversaries of weddings and engagements are times to renew the love and affection that was felt during those times. They are an opportunity to bring the marriage to a higher level.

I Know My Life

My Girlfriend is now my wife,
It happened 27 years ago and changed our life.

We have heard people complain as they age of what they may have missed,
well if they complain then that is for them, because for 27 years we have shared a kiss.

We know not of things we could have had in a life that is past,
we do know that we are blessed with love, a love that lasts.

If we look back in time and say, “I missed something we desire,”
we think of our love and to say we would trade a thing would make us a liar.

We could look back in time and say, “I could have had”
we had each other, to want anything else would be just mad.

I know as a young wife I gave up what some may feel were the best years of their lives
Well I gave up nothing, I feel sorrow for them, I had more because you are my life

Yes, I know how we both  look back in time,
And would not change a thing because we are still in our prime.

Regret, why should we do such a thing,
for we have so much more that life can bring.

They had fast cars and fast times,
we have each other, and we doing just fine.

What did they have that we did not,
Well what ever it was, it wasn't a lot.

Together we are our past, our present, our future,
We have lived our past, and in our present and blessed to have a future.

We had more joy, more laughter, more love and more pleasure,
Because what we both have is surely something to treasure.

Happy Anniversary to us today and many more to come.


Anonymous said...

27 years. Nicely Done. I don't know to many marriages that last over 10 years nowa days.


Penny-lee-R said...

Thanks Leighton.

Nightowl said...

Well it's come around again where you and Greg celebrate making it through another year together. I continue to wish you both the happiness and love that you both shared over 27 years ago. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with the photos you shared. God Bless you both. Happy Anniversay to you both. *Love Always*

Naomi said...

love these pictures! thanks for dropping by my blog today. Naomi x

Girl in Baggy Greens said...

I love your wedding photos so much. I can see Sam, Jaycob, Tom and Zac in dad's young face. Nearly made me cry. Nearly!

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