Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New venture

I have been a while thinking about this...with a little push from some friends I stopped thinking and made the call..Now my first interview is over and I passed, next interview is in the coming 10 days..eek! I hope it is going to be as rewarding as I thought it would be..I have a couple good friend that said I will be great and have them for support...Now I have you interested I will tell you my news...I'm going to be a foster Mum with the Anglican foster/restbite community....because I have emptynest syndrome, I'm going to be caring for under school age children and respite for school children on weekends. I am a tad nervous and excited, but they assured me after my 6 courses I would be at ease and ready for whatever they throw at me...The people are extremely helpfull and I am a phone call away from qualified support....    



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