Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forced to spring clean.

With my second interview with the fostering department this monday at my place. They would like to interview myself and hubby and check out the living and sleeping arrangements available for the foster children. The 2 empty rooms were left as is from the "I'm leaving home children" with all their not wanted at this time belongings left all over the rooms. So a massive spring clean and box packing day had to be done. Now I have two empty clean rooms ready for some little kiddies to lay their head at night. My daughter Emily was a great help cleaning and sorting left clothes and picking up rubish while I cleaned and vacumed...

Lacey and Jaycob helped carry stuff downstairs and to bin and keep Summer occupied. Since it was a long day from 9.30am to 5pm I treated us all to takeout chinese for dinner, been so long since we had takeout dinner, yum!
Omg, since before starting this post the RAIN has been so heavy, think we going to need an ark.
Lacey and Summer had fun in the rain and mud this afternoon..I remember how much fun that was....
Oh and not to forget the next artist in family..


Anonymous said...

You'll nail the interview. If anyone is qualified, it's definitely you. Remember to show them your resume and your parenting log book. Haha.

You'll do fine. Good Luck anyway!

Penny-lee-R said...

Thankyou..are you meaning, the resume kirsty did for us on her blog? lol..yeah that would be awsome resume!!

Nightowl said...

Way to go to the both of you for taking up the challenge of fostering children. Good Luck with the whole process and I can't wait to hear news of you getting your first little one to shower you love on.
The video of Summer is precious and so much fun she was having with Lacey in the puddles.
Love Sis

Girl in Baggy Greens said...

I like being forced into cleaning, like when people are visiting or before a house inspection, you always feel so much better after wards and it ends up being good exercise too. LOVE the photos and video of Summer and Lace.

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