Monday, March 14, 2011

Must be time to Blog again.

Call me the" off and on "blogger, I think about blogging, then think arhh,nothing to blog, so for next few weeks I'm going to blog what I think is nothing and see what happens..
Today The little blue smurfs kept me company while I ironed. If I put on a movie I dont get as much ironing done because I get into the movie, so smurfs it was today, just 3 hrs, but it did just knock the top off the ironing pile. I started with Lacey's. When she opens her cupboard next time it will look like she has been on a shopping spree with clothes in there she has not seen since xmas, lol..Then jaycobs got done, Toms button shirts and school uniforms to last the 4 kids this week, couple of mine and couple of hubbys...


Then I baked some white chocolate bikies with the schoolies from across the road I was watching for the day.

Talked to my Kirsty on ph for bout an hour about her "lady bits troubles" Why does she have to go through this, she could have taken after me and got preg just by showering with hubby and with last couple, I'm sure it happened while I was asleep, lmao. Anyways its still not fair for them..Hope it happens very soon without the doctors help, but then today we talked about if she does get doctors help,  good possibility there will be 2 or 3 bubas at same time, therefore we wont have to share time for cuddles with 2 or 3 or even 4..omg....look out Kirst and Blake.....Thats it for now...will post up some of my latest atc pics tomorrow or next...Hugs


Nightowl said...

Lacey will be happy to have all her clothes ironed but she might have trouble working out what she's going to wear now. Can I please have a Cookie? I miss jam drops, when you coming back to make me some more.I would NEVER cope with more than 1 child at a time and even then I struggled. I really don't know how people manage with multiple children. Love Sis

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