Monday, May 17, 2010

what I did today

I tried my hand at quilling today....this is what i got done in 5 hrs..I loved it..I'm going to quilling class on friday morns when I dont have isy to look after. so here it is.


Kirst said...

Holy moley! 5 hours!!! But that looks really kool. Why aren't you "Following me" yet?! I'm a loner.

Nightowl said...

your cracking me up sis. 5 hours to do that and all you've got to show for it is a scabby handful of twilled paper? *Laughs* No truely sis great job, you can make so many things for twilling even an OWL...hint hint !!!

lyn said...

awesome work!!! Totally lovin it. So proud of you for getting out there and going for a lesson, go you :D Layout turned out really well. xxx

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