Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Sunday to remember

Hi family bloggers...Sunday was big for Lacey. She made her confirmation. Her new name is Lacey Sarah Raphael Roots. Kirsty took her shopping Saturday for new outfit and Emily was her sponsor on Sunday.
pic below.  Last night Em and I went to a scrap demo, started at 7pm, we had to do some stitching pattern, well after an 1 hr stitching Em was over doing  a double layout and changed to a single, lol. after 3 1/2 hrs we had enough cutting and chatting and packed up our bits to finish it another day. Booked in for the 22 June for a demo on distressing paper layout.  I am going back Friday for a quilling demo, to I think make some roses on a trellis. And tonight I have Summer while her Mummy went to a origin night with friends. She sound asleep now but earlier was considering growing a tooth right then and now.  I convinced her to leave it for few days and get some ...hugs all..


lyn said...

Congrats lacey..thats a big step. Love your new name, very noice!!! You look like a very proud girl..big kisses to you!! Emily totally lovin that outfit your wearing!! Good on you pen and em for going and taking some at em changing to single layout. I woulda too hun. I dont like doing doubles very much. Anyhoos gtg savannah is pulling alex's hair again lol xxx

Kirst said...

AAAHH! She looks so awesome! And Emily looks so nice in a pretty dress. She should wear them more often. I wish I could come to scrapbooking classes with yas =(

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