Thursday, May 20, 2010

love our flannies

.Hi family bloggers!!  Yesterday I went out to get anyone who needed or wanted new flannies.  The shops always come out with the cutest and radest flannies every year. Below is some pics taken today.


Nightowl said...

The first photo had me cracking myself up as I was trying to work out who the man was in the background. Yeah Yeah I know now it's the bloody TV.

Jaycob you picked the perfect pair for yourself because when you are sleeping you DO turn into a transformer...So quite and peaceful and when you wake up you transform again into your noisy self.

OK That's it, I want to be small again so that I can get 'Owl' flannies...your a lucky girl Lacey and I know that your going to tease me with them.

Your one very strange child Zac and your flannies just prove it. How can you even sleep in them, I would have nightmares for a week. *Shudders*

Tom make sure you stay inside when your wearing your flannies or else Sam might mistake you for grass and mow you over. You look hot!!

Covering yourself with pretty hearts is not going to fool me for one minute sis. Your sweet all the time.

Summer is looking gorgous and Greg looks like one very proud Pop. I think Kirsty's hair looks very pretty up. I'm sure the wedding was a wonderful success. You don't see bridemaid wearing black very often but with the red it looks great.

Thanks for sharing Sis. *Hugs and Love* to all the family.

lyn said...

LOL...Have to laught at mums comments first...BAHAHA super funny...yes mum thats a tv LOL!! how cute do you all look in your flannies!!! I want some new ones now...hmmm I might go down tomorro and buy us all a set too :D awww Uncle greg and summer look super sweet in those photos...Kirst as always gorgeous as ever!! xxx

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