Wednesday, May 5, 2010

meet my family

Hi Bloggers, thought I would share pic's of my family. I still have 6 children at home. Kirsty and Blake are both in the army and living in Townsville. Emily and Summer live together and have sleep overs often, so we get to see them lots. Kirsty will be home in 2 weeks. Yay! will have all my chickens home for few days. Can't wait!

Me and Greg                                Matt

Kirsty and Blake (son inlaw,sept)                     Sam

 Emily and Summer                Tom

     Zac                                                                          Lacey

Jaycob                                  Grandaughter Summer, again


Nightowl said...

Well what can I say, you and Greg have given me a wonderful assortment of nephews and nieces of the past 24 years. I now get to enjoy the next generation with 'Summer' only just joining the family. Thanks for the updated pictures of the kids, gotta love the one of Zac...LOL...Love Always Sis xxoo

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