Saturday, May 29, 2010

quiet day here

Hey bloggers
I spent the whole day doing atc cards, should be finished by tomorrow night if I have nothing to do again tomorrow. I damn need to get out of this town soon, its driving me crazy.So quiet here, Matts in brisbane, he went to see a horse run. Sam left for brisy this morn for his last block at tafe, he will be fully trained this october. He just met this nice girl last weekend too (Jade) she is a lot of fun and outgoing. she doing bussiness at uni, then going to go jillarooing for couple years, she says. She is from Miles, so i'm guessing she off the land.Tom and Zac at sleepovers, Lacey next door,Jaycob asleep in lounge, Emily and Summmer asleep, they had a big day at netball comp all day.I forgot it was on, I would have gone and watched.Dads in bed asleep, since i'm still recovering from a flu I will join him and see whats on the box to put me to sleep.Hugs blogger family. Oh and I made my sis a b'day card to post of on monday.

What the hell going on


Kirst said...

Who the heck is that photo of? Or did you find it online?
I thought you would like it when it's quiet, because it's so rare. It's especially nice for it to be quiet when you're sick. You should visit me and Blake. OH! And bring your wedding veil. I wanna see if, and put it on my head and see how I feel about wearing it? Then that will cover my "something borrowed"

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