Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ems new LO finished

Hey bloggers, Its my B'day today. Hope to lay around and watch bit tv with some washing getting done inbetween.
With the LO, Em brang around the great pics and said this is it she going to do a page like lynnie with different cardboards and shit all over the page with paint and lots different stuff. I ended up getting involved as I do.  So I did 1 half and Em did other..we got Summer and covered her face up to stop her being a paint sniffer.

 Painted the background with her hands and feet. Then Zac said he could draw a duck and did such a good job Em and I both wanted it on our half so we had to end up cutting it in half to be fair, lol. got the page done and Em stood back and said its so shit we will never be able ot do a page like lyn and allyssa and should give up trying to do a perfect page, was so damn  funny. we did have  heaps of fun trying tho.we both want to know what half yous like so make sure you comment to let us know. Still waiting for my atc's to arrive. Hope they come soon. hint hint! huggers all.


Kirst said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMMMM!!!! I really like the page. Its just what a scrap page should look like. Blake and I are about to put the new bed frame together for the spare room. Should be pretty annoying but gotta get it over and done with.

Nightowl said...

I don't want to make this post but sis you are forcing me to choose. Ok if I was going to pick one I'll have to go with the right one for visualization, the jelly sticker and the little collection in the top left and corner is great. However if I was to pick one from a creative point of view, I'm going to go with the left one. I can see some good ideas in this side, the singlet is a great embellishment and really makes it a keepsake, the contrast of the flowered duck just takes the edge of all the blue and lastly the little bottom cutout of Summer adds interest.
Whoever did what, is not important, what is important is that you did it together and I think that is awesome.

Nightowl said...

Opps almost forgot again...
Happy Birthday Sis, I hope you had an wonderful day.
Lots of Love and Friendship Always ... Sis

lyn said...

Sorry I been so late in getting on here and leaving a comment...been super busy with the next layout entry for the comp. Both your layouts are just beautiful..they are both very diffrent and thats great to see how you interperate. Em and pen you will get as good as lys said you should see our first layouts. EMBARRASING I tell ya. You have both done extremely well with starting out. So happy I could inspire em to create something :D Thats my inspire and create :D :D
Hope you had a great day spoilt rotten. love ya xxx

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