Wednesday, June 16, 2010

something to look at.

Hi blog family, I know Its been a while. I couldn't wait for the next month to make an atc, so I made a free set for next month with left over pics I printed wrong size.

 I have also sent off my 80's atc to Angie .

I saw a tutorial on doing quarter fold flowers, so I had a go,pics below.

Golllygosh thought I was over with toilet training, but here we are again with little Isy that I take care of for her mum couple days a week. Her face says so many things right there. She can say wee n poo, now just have to get her to realize that's where everyone else does

Its been pretty cold here last few day. I been having early shower and finding stuff on tv to try to entertain me, its not doing a good job, crap on every channel.
Couple pics of our little Summer that I snapped this week.  Huggers!!


lyn said...

OMG I LOVE the smurf atc for angies swap :D So happy you ended up putting up a pic of it :D So how you added colouring pencils too. Your flowers turned out really good too..they pretty easy huh. LOL issy looks sooo cute on the toilet!! Summer growing up so quick!! Love lyn xxx

Nightowl said...

Well it's about time you updated...LOL and now I want to comment on all you've been doing.
I'm guessing the ATC is a colouring book. can you please make my pens copic markers. You are blowing me away with all this creativeness ...where has it been hiding. I can't wait to get a freebie, I'm sure you owe me one???? The little flowers you made look great, you will have to show me how.
What do you mean you thought you were over toilet training, Sis don't look behind you as you might remember that you had 8 children, can you imagine how many more shitty nappies, wet spots and potty training you have ahead of you...even if they all only have 2 children each... I've got to stop as the thought of all them little bums is making me ill. Isy is just bridging the gap for you. Summer will be next.
How bloody cute is she getting? She looks snug as a bug =).
*Lots of Love Always* Sis

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures thanks for sharing

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Kirst said...

Those smurf ATCs are so kool. Reading all of your blogs and Aunty Vic's, Lyn's, Alyssa's.. I'm so jealous! I can't wait to be a stay at home mum and make pretty stuff. I love the photos of Summer. Especially the last one with her arms up, she's a funny baby =)

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