Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New LO's

Hey family, I almost got all the roses done for Kirsty's Bomboneieres, 20 to go. Zac painted the noodle boxes red with gold glitter, they look great. This is what they look like so far.  Got few charms and bits to go on, but will leave the finished product for a surprize for the big day.

OK now for the layouts Em and I did lastnight a scrapbooking gathering. We used distressing inks. to make some disstressed paper..I like Ems layout this  month, hers is the red page. Mine is  the yellow page.


Kirst said...

Those layouts are so awesome! Summer looks really big all of a sudden. Tell Emily to post all the new pictures on Facebook so I can see them. The wedding favours look so pretty. I can't believe you let Zac paint them, but they turned out really good. I ordered the Almond thingys, and paid the little bit extra for the priority shipping, and lied and said they were needed for the 12th of August.

lyn said...

Layouts looks super awesome. You both done a wonderful job..the distressing looks great and its fun too hey? Wow summer has grown so much!! You doing a good job of the boxes too :D xx

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