Friday, July 2, 2010

Surprize for me.

I was at my pc Bloggiing some comments when my six year old son said from the kitchen "Kirsty was here" I said dont be silly its a thursday and she working. Then he said, she is mum and Blake here too.  Wow! tears welled, as they do every time she comes home.I know, I'm a born sook. Anyways she had with her my birthday present, she always knows just what I need and want, she must have been listening and taking notice of my likes and needs most of the time. Below is my gift and card she made me from her little bits she has in her house. Lastnight I couldn't sleep, was waiting to for morning to see if their faces were still here.So we going to spent 3 quality days together, Awsome!! Hugs all


CraftinGranny said...

What a beautiful young woman!! So glad she got to come spend some time with you. Cute card using Nana Vic's image. Now watch out for that SC these next 3 days.......LOL
"Hug" Carol

Kirst said...

I'm so creative. What a cute card! Wish I was back in Rocky already. It's too hot here. We've even got the air con on. Matt and Steve are here, playing the Wii with Blake.

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