Thursday, June 17, 2010

I did this today

Hi bloggers, I had quiet day with Isy today. She even did a bit of art today,although I really love her pictures I will have to wash this off  :(  

And while she was sleeping I watched a tutorial on making paper roses.I just had to make some, SO easy!! 
I know before you say they are great, I know, I think they are too  .  Hugs!! miss ya's


Nightowl said...

Alright. I give up, who is at your house that I know that is helping you...You seriously did NOT make them gorgeous roses. If you did prove it. where's the link to the site you went to and I want step by step pics. Oh my gosh sis, you are amazing, all these years and now you show me your creative side...Missing you heaps. ♥

Kirst said...

They look really real! The wedding favours are going to be the best ever. I'm planning on sending lots of photos and info to all of Australia's bridal magazines so we get our story published!

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