Thursday, September 2, 2010

wow! where have I been?

I'm here, Kirsty wedding is 10 days away. I have everyones outfits bagged and ready.The hand made wedding favors are finished and packed. was'nt to much to do for me.Its kirsty's wedding and she has done all the organizing for it,we just have to turn up. But I do hope one day I get to plan a wedding,it seemed like it was exciting to do.  I'm very excited to a chance get to spend a week with my sister and her family on goldcoast.
I have made 2 atc cards that I did'nt get done in time for swap last month..But ladies, I have them and will bring them with me next week. Look forward to seeing you all at next swap.


Nightowl said...

well I'm super excited. Thanks to you and lyn I've got something to wear and I like it. I actually brought shoes yesterday, woot go me to go shopping...LOL. I'm taking off Thursday, friday and Monday so we will be able to spend time together. I know your on the floor. Well pick yourself up as I can't wait to see you all. *Love and Hugs* Big Sis

Kirst said...

I bet I'm the most excited! Haha. Mum, I love everything you've done to help. You saved me a lot of hours making the favours for us, I probably would have made something no where near as awesome. I wanted to plan my wedding, it was hard work, but good fun, I've loved it. I'm so proud of myself. You know how independent I am! You don't just have to turn up. You're going out to the venue on the day and setting it all up for me! Thanks mum, love you xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny-Lee.

Just wanted to say thanks for the follow. I wasn't expecting a follower so soon.

I can see your proud of Kirsty. Wish you both the best and thanks again.

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